Programas y procesos Sobre la docencia del proyecto y la arquitectura 

  • juan domingo santos JUAN DOMINGO SANTOS (Granada), is an architect and a Projects lecturer at the Granada School of Architecture


Programs and process. A reflection on teaching projects and architecture

Architecture is not limited to drawing or function, it is not a plane or a photograph, is a vital process that combines experience, emotion and use. When working on a project we experience chance meetings, coincidences, discoveries and relationships that intertwine around themselves and eventually become the final product. From this perspective, creating what we call a “work of architecture” is simply an action based on observing, paying attention to what is happening around us and making connections between seemingly unrelated elements.

I think that architecture is not made of preconceived ideas; it comes from experimentation with a variety of topics related to issues such as landscape, archeology, agriculture, production, and history, among others.   The project is a game that ends up dissolving the usual forms of space in an attempt to place a humanized touch on its end product. Architectural design therefore is predicated on the specific relationship with each of these aforementioned aspects.


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